Mordre (rycca) wrote,

A minor realization

So here I sit after a night of random hanging out and minor drama and I realized that among the good time that come around here in SC, that most of my emotional break downs stem from things that happen while I am down here. I can't understand that though. This place is nice and pretty, so why all the crap?  <shrug>  I don't know really.

My friend Liddy, her girl friend Kris and our friend Green went out to Patrick's for karaoke night and to just hang out for a couple of hours to talk. During this time, they had to deal with a friend and her girlfriend who were breaking up and in turn, it almost came to an all out fight between them. >.> Then of course, we all wanted food so we went and got something to eat and one of the girls I met called Kris to warn us that  their friend's now ex girl, decided that it would be just a wonderful idea to call out a group of her friends _._;;; Thankful to say, no fight happened and they talked things out....

So today, Liddy, Kris, Green and I went and grabbed a bite to eat and chat. It was nice. So, after that, we came back to my house and then they had to leave to go do some random things before the day ended. I opted to stay because I don't really feel like sleeping over at Liddy's tonight since that would probably be the turn out of events.  Also found out that in  September, Green is moving up north, either to Jersey or somewhere just outside of NY so she can work more on her producing career. With her close, just means that we'd be able to hang out again every now and then.

Right now, I'm a little tired and want to talk to Justin. For many reasons, I want to be back up in Jersey. Other than the need to get another job and get everything in order, I want to see my love really bad. eighteen days and I'm back in Jersey  <does a little dance>

Anyway, I'm done for now.  I'll write more in a few days or something. Later guys
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