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Weekend Wrap up and a nice note

Friday, I went up to north jersey and hung out with my friend Melissa. We had a fun night of watching random movies and shows before she headed off to bed and I fell asleep on her futon. Realized earlier on that I had forgotten my cell phone charger >.<  So my cell remained off just about the whole weekend minus checking my voice and text messages.

Saturday a group of us went apple and raspberry picking. It was a first for me, but I can say that I would enjoy going to do that again next year. We spent around a total of four hours on the farm between both pickings and visiting the farm store. The three of us picked approx...163lbs of apples O.O And two quarts of raspberries. Headed off to Michelle's house later in the day to hang out and chat about our week among other crap. After that, we watched a movie and set out our clothes and such for Cloisters on sunday.

Not much to report about sunday other than the fact that I got a message from Quick Chek for an interview. Called them back and talked to Tom, who set up an interview for this Thursday... I seriously can not wait until Thursday comes. Other than that, I did a lot of walking around Cloisters with Michelle, talked to a few old friends and gained a few new faire comrads. Much fun was had with hanging out there, I'm very happy that I got to go with my faire family.

For future reference and a note to memory, the first thing to pack when I am going to be more than a town or two away from home, is my charger.  So not having the lack of my phone again any time soon.  

As for my nice note- I haven't had a cigg since  approx 10:20pm on Friday.. .And though I am still craving for one,  I'm stuck on my decision of quitting smoking.  Later all
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