Mordre (rycca) wrote,

In rememberance.

Scott Pullan, one of my closest friend's father, passed away about 7am Monday morning. He was truely loved by his family and friends and will be remembered in our hearts.  As the group of us talked tonight about his obituary, one thing came to our minds... The obituary was perfect to put into the paper and our minds , but if it weren't a PC world, it would have gone  into the paper this simple;  Scott Pullan was an asshole, but we all loved him dearly, servies are as followed.

To many it might sound harsh but it so very true.  Scott, we will miss you so much and we won't ever forget your path in this world.   R.I.P  (3/12/1962-9/29/2008)


End transmission
Tags: family
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