Mordre (rycca) wrote,

The start of my new life

As of noon yesterday, I have become Mrs. Matthews.  I'm completely estatic that a new door has opened and that it is with Bran. Yesterday was perfect, before and after. A small mix between our families and close friends, it made me feel great and so did Bran. Sometime between this week and the next, we're going to be sending out thank you cards to those who showed up. Not only that, we're thankful for what everyone had given us, even though they didn't have to.

One of my favorite quotes from yesterday was "Next year when you have the actual ceremony, when they ask if anyone objects, the reply will be 'You're too late' " I have to admit, it's not a matter of who wil say that, it's how many.

The best words out of my mouth yesterday as I was reading the cards, I had been talking to the group as I opened one, froze and went 'ooo, shiny!' of course, then Ash mentioned how it was my "inner reveler coming out" which it true, not to mention I'm a bit of a space case at times.

Today, we're went to PA. It was a great family outting. We stopped off at Hot Dog Johnny's for lunch and got some dogs and fries. Let me tell you, they're some of the best I've ever had. After that we went to the American Candle Factory, mainly just to walk around and ended up buying an Ionic Salt Crystal tea light holder. When the crystal warms via the tea light, it helps with breathing, relaxation, migrains and allergies. Not only that, it looks sooo pretty in the room as it glows ^.^. I now know a gift that I will be getting a few people in the future.

After that we went to the Callie's Pretzel Factory and saw how they made the pretzel's. Man, it's so crazy, but we picked up a one pound pretzel that sits in a box  that's about the size of a 10 inch pizza. A couple miles down the road, we went to Callie's Candy Kitchen and actually met Mr. Callie himself. He's a pretty cool and witty old man who talked with us whenever he got the chance and made us laugh alot as well. It's a place I would really suggest going if you're ever in the area of Mountain Home, PA. I got to see a 40 pound round lolly pop that came up to just below my chest and was over twice as round as I. So, I got to taste a chocolate covered oreo, choco covered strawberries that made me feel like heaven and got a big jawbreaker that made me think of when I was a kid. there were so many cool things there, but then again, there's only so much chocolate and sugar that I can take now a days. That means, we'll be going there again one day. I'm going to get going now, just wanted to give an update on life as well as share the good news. Will be writing soon.
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