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Warning!!! Nah just kidding I'm updating

Hello everyone and welcome back. It's 2010 and life still looks good to me. I hope you all had a great time during the holidays. Can you believe the freaking snow we got a few times? The first time was fun. Had the boyss and went outside to play for about a hour.

Yule was a quiet one for Bran and I, but X-mas was hectic with being here in the morning with his sister and father then running to pick up D-bug from his mom's house. From there we went to his Grandmothers to hang out with the family and have dinner. It was nice. From there we came back home with D-bug and watched him open up all of his presents. Bran and I found a few good learning tools that might help him with his disability, but we're watching to see how he does with them. ^.^ After that we went to his mom's because 'Santa stopped by and left some things for us' in her words I swear. Gabe was so cute handing them out. For awhile it seemed like he was learning to be positive and polite. Agh... kids are soo crazy some times. I love it though. None of my own but I still feel like a parent between Gabe and D-bug.

New years we went to his mothers' house and had a  nice time. Besides chatting up a storm we ended up playing rock band til my hands were cramping around the drum sticks and neck of the guitar lmao.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal around here.  This Monday  I go for my road test. I'm not too worried, but then again I am. So I just have to keep practicing and keep positive.  That's about all I have to write, miss talking to a lot of you on the net and elsewhere. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Toodles!
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