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Hello everyone! It's been quite awhile since I've posted. Not much has been going on as of late. Annabelle is growing up too fast, but that's what children do I guess.
Her new tricks include: Climbing onto the kitchen chairs to get to the table or wherever else she drags them to; trying to somsault (sp?)... Well it's either she's doing that or likes the friction of the carpet on her hair >.>; and she's been working on feeding herself with a fork. Other than that, she has gotten even more vocal while trying to form words. 

Bran's surgery was on the 7th and all went well. The gauze is allowed to be off now we're just waiting for the tape over the sutures to come off and the sutures to dissolve. He's been in pain, which is normal, but the meds are helping wonderfully for him.  For those who I did not get a chance to tell them about this, he had a discectomy on his lower back. 

Other than that, things are normal, working on putting a few things in the basement to make room for Christmas dinner with his family. My father is planning a trip down to FL to hang out with my mother and visit a few places. I'm also looking for a job so Bran has ample time to recover and get his health back, but so far no luck.  

Oh!!! And fitchwitch? I drove by the house a while ago and saw the lack of tree (had to after Michelle told me about it being taken down) and it looks SOOO different. I like it.
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I was very relieved to get rid of that tree. We were all afraid during hurricane Irene that it was going to be blown over onto our house! It's been sick for a while, and when a pine tree starts to die, its root system dies back quickly, so it wasn't firmly in the ground anymore. And we've been frustrated the last few Yules, as the blue spruce was just TOO BIG to even attempt to decorate!

We also had them take down the junk tree between our house and the neighbor's house. That was another one that was a danger, and it was too intertwined with wires going into both houses for us to even attempt to remove it. With the bushes and those trees withdrawn, it looks a lot more open.

We plan on taking a few trees out of the back yard next spring. The Linden and Catalpa trees' days are numbered! The only problem is that frequently people coming to visit us go RIGHT PAST our house because they've been using the big blue spruce as a landmark! LOL!
That is why I use the boat as a landmark, lmao. And yes, that's what i told Bran. It makes the yard look sooo much bigger.